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My Bachelor Buttons

Nicolas Claris


with this one you invite me (and a lot of folks, I'm sure) to escape somewhere you even have no idea where.
A rare where, that's fair.
I really and simply love it.

PS I love giant prints, you already know that, and this one large would be very nice, but you may also consider a tiny, precious print, delicately but very simply framed, like a jewel to look at before going to sleep…​

charlotte thompson

Active member

Thank you. I think art should take you some place other than our own ordinary minds stay in most of the time..I do not know what to do yet with the work, small or large. Your idea sounds really cool as well. The tiny fortune of bachelor buttons !
BTW I am so enjoying " Noir " Inspiring and also very relaxing.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Hi Charlotte,

A sharp scalpel doesn’t a skilled surgeon make! Also having or not having skills in Photoshop seems to have no bearing on your ability to transform somewhat ordinary to good snaps into art with air in its nostrils!

That you do this with Picasa, (almost devoid of all the tools I depend on), impressed me so much. Craftsmanship uses available tools and still excels. ?

Here, that one flower in the lower right, (which stands out sharp and bold), is so crucial to the success of this work. It provides a reference to give depth to the rest of the image. The smudgy b.g. shows welcome disdain for perfection - as if we have to accept some wild woman with disheveled hair as she is vibrant, exciting, independant and powerful!

This is built with ideas and sufficient technique to have flourish, but not enough to constrict it’s voice!


You witch!



charlotte thompson

Active member

Intriguing idea! Thank you. btw Romain work on the yacht Chrisco I feel so in love with! Talented artist he is. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.



I am deeply in honor of your message. I will say this to you,,,,,,,
la magie de l'âme réside dans les yeux qui savent que toutes les choses sont magiques

This I truly believe.

The Witch lives!
Thankyou thankyou!


fahim mohammed

Active member
I like what I see. I don’t have to explain ( or can’t ) why I sometimes like something.
Enough that it gives me pleasure.

This one falls in that category. Let the pundits dissect it! I ain’t no doctor either, with or without a scalpel.