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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I was more thinking of the general feeling - interesting reference anyway - thanks.

Best regards,

It's great to have your guys giving references to culture, just beyond our every day circle of experience. I like to think i'm educated but in truth, doctors, scientists and engineers can be some of the least well rounded people on the planet! I struggle to stay afloat and so grab any cultural flotsam that floats past!

"Numb" might be too neutral and passive socially for this od word, 'Fühllosigkeit'! The banner in the picture, it seems, is for the Finnish play in German, by that name where the protagonist is callous in his reaction to being lacking sensations when he holds his wife. He misuses other people around him in the family circle in psychodrama with projecting images on to sheets on the stage set out in a cross formation, which with a fish, has Christian symbolism.


in German​

I'd have to stay in Germany for 6 moths at least in order to follow the play at all, and even then it might be just too tough. I'd not be able to appreciate the nuances and metaphors in the German language that this play likely holds. To work in the USA, and in English, it would have to be played by British actors with either upper class British or German accents! I don't think this drama wouldd work with any American accent I know of, LOL! So I hope you guys see the play and report to us!

However, it's a great word, 'Fühllosigkeit', and pretty bad if one is called that. German words like this seem very rich!