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My World: Old "cityscapes" from Helsinki, Finland

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

How did I miss these 6 months ago! Glad the pictures have resurfaced and we get a new opportunity to enjoy them.

All the pictures except one could have been take. Today somewhere in Los Angeles as the industrial processes have not evolved much for smaller companies. As long as equipment can be patched up, everything looks the same for 50 years!

This one picture of yours, however is unique in that the “caravans”, (or “camping trailers” as you might call them), seem to date from the 1950’s or so. Well after the Second World War, folk has enough money to venture forth with their new family of loved ones and explore the countrysides.

Many soldiers who had been matched or ferried from one military theater to another had learned about the arts of outdoor camping and the joy of feeling nature away from the visuals of Ciry life.

Today, the caravans are more boxy and aerodynamic and “modern”. These originals could be mass produced with simpler techniques and therefore sold at economical price levels!

This picture is so evocative of that time!