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Olympus E-420 w. 25mm f2.8 pancake announced

Today Olympus have announced the E-420 as a succesor to the E-410 model. A 25mm f2.8 "pancake" lens is announced with it. It get's the Oly followers quite excited as it is expected to be a very pockatable dslr sharing the E-3 sensor and (hopefully) image quality.

More for instance on dpreview

Robert Watcher

Active member
I'm looking forward to getting one when it comes out. The small size will prove valuable for my walk around stuff. Also of interest (nothing to do with its small size) is that like the E3, it incorporates wireless flash - which I have used for some time with my Nikon cameras (D200 and D40) with the SB800 flash. I love the Nikon flash system and hope that the new Olympus wireless comes close to the usefulness and having potentially all models use this feature will make investing in the flashes more practical. The 25mm 2.8 isn't a barn burner for speed - but is as fast as the expensive "fast" standard zooms that everyone wants to own - - - so should be valuable enough. The 2 will make for one compact and less conspicuous outfit tucked against my dark shirt.