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One image from my birthday weekend getaway

Jim Olson

Well-known member
My wife and I stayed in Ocean Shores WA for 3 days and we took hundreds of pictures.
I liked this one the most.

664A2860 resized.jpg

Jim Olson

Well-known member
Wow! That’s so lucky a find.

I love it!

At first I thought the fish was a fresh catch!

Yes it was lucky, and my wife didn't see it :ROFLMAO:
I kept saying "That looks like an eagle"
So we drove over and yes it was.
By the way, we were driving on the beach.
I have a bunch of pictures to post.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The skies are exceptional and Art in their own right!

But also could serve you when a scene is great on the ground but the sky lacks character.