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"Our house...


... is a very, very, very fine house.”
Sadly, or for the better (who knows which), we’re moving from the wildness of the Northwest to domesticated Southern Ontario fairly soon. It will be goodbye to our home for the past couple of decades.
Cheers, Mike


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
it’s sad to leave behind a house.

When one returns, everything sensual and remembered is absent!

It’s almost like kissing the cold moist forehead of a deceased parent: it shockingly feels like stone and lacks that soft giving and accommodating family warmth!

Building become emotionally numb without us!

There has to be one remaining living thing, perhaps the rose bushes you planted or a clematis vine or flowers that keep coming up. But that only give back the barest of feelings and not a fraction of what would be there if instead, an elderly relative still lives there and one can share stories!

I am fascinated by and can’t figure out the geometry that created the fabulous repeated reflections of the window frames!

I wish you joy and new adventures in your new home: a writers group, photography club, a park with mature trees and interesting paths!

Thanks Asher. We’re moving mainly to provide background support for a family member. I’m sure we’ll love the domesticated southest no less that this northwest city, which somehow manages to combine world class accomplishments with a frontier mentality. The ‘reflections’ you mention are largely stained glass ornaments in the window of the porch. Best Wishes, Mike.