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Out with my wife & our child & got some bird shots

Jim Olson

Active member
Blue Heron

BV6A0171 E16 C16 S16 crop.jpg

Then some shots of a juvenile bald eagle that my wife spotted for me since I was driving.
BV6A0189 E16 C16 S16 crop.jpg

BV6A0202 E16 C16 S16 crop.jpg

BV6A0222 E16 C16 S16 crop.jpg

BV6A0224 E16 C16 S16 crop.jpg

I thought it was going away, then it turned and flew right by me.

BV6A0242 E16 C16 S16 crop.jpg

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
“Out with my wife!” sounds like a medieval Lord’s order to expel his wife for burning the venison or ruining his ale! LOL!