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Outdoors Man

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hey all!

here's a picture I took last summer while on a mountain biking trip with friends.

This is an enjoyable end of the day outside portrait. The feeling is of a very agreeable and charming person. You have just the right balance of light. Gret idea to use an extra person as a lightstand, LOL! Me, I have extra lightstands not extra people to hold them!

Honestly, and for another point of view, has he ever think about being a model? He's got such a sweet face, but with a lot of masculinity emerging. I see a lot of men not as half as handsome on the modeling/photography/retouching resources I'm subscribed to.

Last but not least you could have a customer for a book. :)

Anyway, he must thank you a lot for beautifying him that way.
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Ben Rubinstein

pro member
Bloke makes me feel guilty for being out of shape and fat :) On the other hand I'm as good looking as that in my mind, does that count?

Lighting is powerful, in keeping with the strong lines of the face but still softer than the harsh look used for fashion shooting (direct strobe/beauty dish) of this type. Far more human.

Read about how you did it, 3ft octabank, no doubt it's soft! Got to love the look of an octabank. Taking that around with you always? better you than me :)

Freddy Oropeza

New member
Thanks everyone!
Yeah, he is quite the easy going and charming guy, maybe you guys can convince him to model, he is currently a computer graphics guy, so his good looks are being wasted in front of a monitor(hahaha)
It was really windy that day, so a light stand wouldn't have worked, but my other friends came to the rescue, it worked out pretty well, is like having a remote control light stand.
As for the Octa, is actually quite light and folds pretty flat and small, so is not hard to carry around, the pain, is putting the ribs in and out each time it needs to be used. If I'm actually carrying it while hiking or biking, I bring a different speed ring, that fits my 580ex Flash, so it's a lighter, more manageable set up.