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PanoDrama - 360 degrees without fever

My latest project was an exhibition with strange panoramas. 360 panos are seldom shown all at once, mostly scrollable parts. But this was all at once in strange ways.
Not usual to make a pano at a biopsy in a hospital=). And some environments look very strange when you can look back and forth at the same time. To make them somewhat different I added som painterly style to them. ( signed by my art alias Andy Whorewal with a unique pen and color, this is the bottom of one of the panos )

Here is a poster with the inside of an old church.

Heres a portrait of a friend.

This is my biopsy at a hospital =) ( I got the permissions from the doctors =)

And here is my bathroom, 360 degrees vertical. So strange.

And this is Stockholm City Hall

There is also a 35 second music trailer for the exhibition, with my piano alias Wade Birdie Johnson.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This requires study. I wish the pictures were before me in a large gallery so I could sit and take in the vastness of your imagery. I was already taken yesterday by the rich magnificence of your artful labor.

Do you do everything handheld or you have a gimbal or spherical head setup? What are you using for stitching?

I use the nice and free Hugin software for stitching and manipulating angles and stuff. I've been using my Canon and Fisheye ( Peleng 8mm ) before, but now I use a 360 camera instead, so its one click and done =) The quality is not equal though. ( my first pano tests was 2004 by shooting a silver christmas ball under it =). That makes you get 360 degrees horisontal with one click. And in Photoshop there is a filter that will straighten it ( Polar Coordinates ).

No complex setups. I use my flash tripods at times, and my one leg stand and at times just placing the camera in the environment.
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
But the Hugin software is used in command line like DOS or there’s a nice modern graphic interface?

As a visible example, here is what the part looks like where you can correct the horisontal line ( and much more ) by simply dragging the mouse. Here it's straightened.
There are both Windows and Mac versions.


Jerome Marot

Well-known member
But the Hugin software is used in command line like DOS or there’s a nice modern graphic interface?
Hugin is the graphic interface to panorama tools.

The tools are amongst the finest free software produced. Mathematically correct projection, just saying. They can process images of any size, without caring how much memory and processing power your computer has, so don't be surprised if your reasonably quiet machine suddenly makes the noise of a nuclear power plant cooling system and is unresponsive for hours. You get no help file, but serious messages like "building laplacian pyramids". Eventually, it will say "collapsing laplacian pyramids", but I have never found the resulting rubble. Then it outputs a panorama which looks like the nightmare of a drunken sailor. That is when you wished there was a help file.
Really the best money cannot buy. The results will stun you printed meters wide.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Do any of the commercial packages like Autopano Giga use the Hugin tools/protocols?

Does it work on a Mac?