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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I like Peet's for the tea!

They usually have a great selection. The one here in Beverly Hills has a working plug for my Mac and has a great WIFI connection that is not free but at least works.

Asher :)

Jason Anderson

New member
I like Pete too, but my guess is since we live in different States, and y'all are spelling it differently, and also refer to java and such, that we are talking about different things - the former sounds like a restaurant, while in my case it's a co-worker. But in the interests of full disclosure, Pete really is a nice guy! :D


New member

I had a rather decent double latte at a Peets concession at Oakland Airport on Monday.
You could actually taste the coffee. The other major vendor (the mermaid) uses too little coffee and it is brewed too fast so you don't get good extraction and all I get to taste is a milky coffee.

Steven F

Chuck Fry

New member
I like Peet's too, but I wouldn't call it the "ultimate". Many of their roasts are too dark for my taste. Sometimes dark roast is appropriate, but not always. I prefer my little local coffee roaster, Clocktower Coffee in Mountain View, CA.

Sid Jervis

pro member
Roland Baker III said:
If you're going to drink coffee you've got to drink Peet's coffee of Berkeley. Anyone else drink Peet's?
OK I gotta try it, now where can I buy Peet's, somewhere in Sacramento, CA would be good. Anyone want to tell me?