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Personal galleries


New member
Having recently joined OPF and introduced myself, here's my galleries. I've only recently started to add images, with the idea of building a showcase, so hopefully it will ebb and flow with time!
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi John,

I really enjoy going through your pictures of the animals, cats and birds. You are talented! I wonder what lenses you tend to use?

You might select some pictures you would like to show how you obtained the shot and how you processed it if there were spcial technics you used.

Then that image might be used to get feedback on the lenses and other approaches used as well as artistic and printing potential issues.

So there are 3 places to consider posting: Nature Wildlfie, The appropriate camera fora, the Art fora where the esthetics could be discussed bu Ben Lison and Alain Briot.

We would love to have some of your pictures stimulating careful examination of how to deliver in a print, the image that starts in one's head.



New member
Thanks Asher, i'll work something up for the other threads.

BTW, most zoo shots were either through glass or chain link fences! I use a 10/20Ds with a 70-200 f2.8 IS or an EF300f4 with EF1.4x or 2x TC.

All RAW processing courtesy of RSP or Silkypix, with some post processing (dust bunnies and sharpening) with CS2. I like to keep it simple!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Now you tell me, there's another very important topic to address!

RAW workflow: Silkypix v. Adobe RAW v. C1 Pro and RSP!

SilkyPix seems to have a great following but I have no defined impression of its optimum use.

So, my friend you have a lot of good stuff to talk about. If there are some files which are not commercial that you might be willing to share, then others could also develop the same picture for you and we could look at the different results. That might save you time. However, not many people yet have been bitten by the silkypix bug. So, you could of course, do everything yourself.

In any case, this topic is important and I for one, appreciate having a silkypix user in our midst! I have the impression, so far, that it can do very great things with a woman's skin!

Again, good luck.

If you are caught, the agency will deny knowledge of you!

Welcome to Nature/Wildlife and OPF, John!

I had a look through your animal images, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You have some very beautiful images there.

And Asher's suggestions are good. If you have images that demonstrate a particular challenge, any that you're looking for constructive critique of images you're unsure of, etc., we'll try to help any way that we can.