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Please help with laptop question.

Martin McLean

New member
My mother has asked me to help her pick out a laptop for my grandfather, who is dying of cancer. This way he can still work on his computer without sitting at a desk. Afterwards the laptop will come back to her. Budget, around $1000.

I know nothing about laptops. I don't care to much for HP/compaq.

Is this a good deal?
Sony VAIO VGN-FS8900P1 Intel Centrino Pentium M 1.73GHz / 802.11b/g Wireless / 15.4-Inch WXGA / 512MB DDR2 / 40GB HDD / CDRW / DVD Combo / Windows XP Pro / Notebook PC

Anybody own a Sony? How about the Intel Centrino Pentium, I've only ran AMD on my desktops?

Thanks for any advice,


Ray West

New member
Hi Martin,

I can't comment on the particular model/price, but my son and othes I know have been very pleased with Sony Vaio models. Even a few years ago, folk were using them for editing broadcast quality video - at least rough cuts. I personally use and like acer stuff - much less cost, not quite so tied in to manufacturer upgrades, but, for you, if the Sony looks OK, and you think the price is what you want to pay, then go for it, and let your grand dad get to it.

Best wishes,


Josh Liechty

New member
For $1000 (US, I presume), you should get a laptop with an Intel Core Duo processor. If that price is representative, it simply goes to show that Sony products are extremely overpriced for what you get. One of the Dell models on this page would be a much more efficient use of money, in my humble opinion (if you don't like Dell, you could find something equivalent from HP or others, I'm sure).