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'Prohibitions' - a collaborative exercise/project idea

Tim Ashley

Ben Lifson's essay on rawworkflow.com ("Everything is Subject and Kicking Off Your Shoes") has led to much comment here over the past week or so. In particular, there has been a strong chiming with forum members on the need to carry a camera all the time and the need to find projects where the subject matter is easily available.

"I find that I produce much better work and get more satisfaction out of working within a project-based context," says Chris Kresser on the topic. "So I suppose what I need to do is come up with some ideas for projects that involve subject matter at home, at work, or on the way back and forth between the two."

So for anyone who is interested I have a proposal for something we can all shoot, and post the results in this thread as an ongoing collaborative project or exercise or simple bit of fun.

As the title above says, the idea is 'Prohibitions'. It strikes me that in a crowded and possibly over-governed world, the one thing we all see a lot of every day is the word 'no'. No Entry. No Smoking. No Running, Dive-Bombing or Petting. No, no, no.

Please feel free to join in and explore the theme in ways serious or humorous or however it grabs you. I'll get the ball rolling with three shots. Please excuse the variable quality - the second was taken with possibly the worst camera I have ever used...

First: Leica M8 with CV 15mm, 1/60th Sec ISO 320:

Next, Panasonic DMZ FZ8. Boy does this thing have a small sensor. Boy does it show. F 7.1 @ 1/125th ISO 100 and effective FOV of 44 mm and EV -1/3rd:

Finally Sigma DP1 from yesterday, F10, 1/125th, ISO 100 and effective FOV 28mm:

Best to all

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Phewww, thanks and Hello Tim. I really needed that today, and yeah do count me in, although I can not promise to come up with something soon, I love the idea, and no doubts the thought will stay with me on my next trips.

It strikes me that in a crowded and possibly over-governed world, the one thing we all see a lot of every day is the word 'no'. No Entry. No Smoking. No Running, Dive-Bombing or Petting. No, no, no.
Too bad I am not in Germany anymore, this would be Eldorado for this project in deed. LOLOLOL

Allow me to suggest something, just a loose idea.

How about we run this project time limitted, have a deadline, few month, to the 1st of October for example, then we all vote on the best 12 or so, have them printed in outstanding quality by someone experienced in this field, and then have Asher sell them in flippin Beverly Hills to some people with pockets larger than most of ours ever will be, take all the money from that sale and have OPF try to help some people in Burma (Myanmar)

Again, it is only an idea! The creators of the photos would have to agree not to sell this ever again. This should be a strictly limitted edition, ONE print only. RAW files destroyed afterwards. Yeah, that tough! ;)

I just think ....in a world that is also ruled by greed mostly.... it is only us who can make the difference!

Best wishes
:) I tell you, if we ever have a chance to meet, this no doubt will be accompanied with a lot of St. Emillions, cheese, french bread, and most of all, a lot of laughter! I hope you can make some time in September, would be nice to find a lovely place for food and drink and spend an evening. However, don't you dare coming without the Hy6, and no, photos of me are red tape zone, forbidden, sudden death penalty would be the immediate answer. LOL ;)

But seriously, what do you think of the idea to make that an event where OPF can contribute and help some of those in need?


I just remember one photo I made after the wall broke down in Germany, I spend 2 years on business trips as a consultant in the ex eastern part for Germany before everything was re furbished and painted. LOL

There was a signpost, showing you the way to a town, on a pole at a point where 5 different roads were possible. Nothing special, except that there were three more on that pole, showing the way to the same town, but pointing all to different roads. ;)

Needless to say, we took the wrong one and ended in the middle of nowhere. <grins>

Nicolas Claris

Fine, I'll bring the St-Emilion, the cheese, the bread and… the Sinar if……… You allow me to shoot a portrait of you;-) you know, there's always a price to pay…

But seriously, what do you think of the idea to make that an event where OPF can contribute and help some of those in need?
I find the idea great. But I don't like votes…(and belive me, I've been elected a lot of times in my life LoL!).
In such case, I'm not confident in the choice of the "masses". We need not to be politically correct but a bit provocative and huoristic as Tim's photos shown above.

We have to find another way of selecting the photos…

Chris Kresser

New member

Fantastic idea. This is exactly the type of creative stimulation I am hoping for in these forums. As I mentioned in another thread, I much prefer working on a project-by-project basis - even when that project may entail as few as one picture and last as little as five minutes. That might sound ridiculous, but framing my work with the camera with that kind of intentionality really helps me.

I'm insanely busy over the next three days but I'll keep my eye out for prohibitions and hopefully I'll be able to contribute something.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
For sure, Ron, if I saw that sign, I'd want to take pictures. It's not as if this is a nuclear facility or inside a school! How stupid can people be to forbid photography in a place to have fun and look at birds!

Actually, I'd take pictures!



New member
I'm rather disturbed to see the level of editing/deleting of posts which has been happening recently.

What's been said has been said, and should stand.
What's been answered has been answered.
Otherwise there's no point in developing a discussion.

Ron's post made a valid point, and I see no reason to remove it unless it was because of pressure from our new members.
Asher's reply was equally valid.

I don't like what appears to be censorship in a supposedly open forum.



Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Nothing is deleted, unless mutually requested/allowed. Usually something off topic is simply relocated. However let's post in the right place wherever possible.

Spam (usually for selling drugs or linking to porn or else racist and the like) are deleted immediately. Something merely controversial goes to that room, Provocative Thoughts & Images in Uptown were people can expect to be faced with (what they might perceive as) rather startling views that could even offend. This policy allows even off-topic ideas unpopular speech to be heard to be heard and fringe picture to be seen and not simply deleted as most over fora do.

Only rarely do actual real deletions occur such as when a post defames, threatens or humiliates someone or could be used as child porn or something like that.

If you can't find a photography post, do a search, likely it has simply been moved to it's correct place in OPF. There's little chance whatsoever its been deleted! We'll try to give forwarding pointers!

Things get moved to either their own thread or else to an existing thread where that general topic is more appropriate. This applies to everything. A portrait thread here that gains traction will end up in the place one would expect that topic. Likewise a daughter topic joins an existing clearly focused thread.

In this case the questions on this actual forum join an existing thread in "Breaking News". That saves having to constantly repeat what has been already said. It then permits new ideas to be developed as everything is in one place. Do we really want this excellent thread to go off topic dealing with forum organization? We must accommodate, as always, diverse views. Here is the value of what we do.

This thread is going so well. Can we keep it focused on topic? Do we insist that a bunch of unrelated posts, take over and stay in a perfectly fine thread that Tim started.

Look at the new location and then see if you have any issues. When you tell me it's OK, this too will be moved there! Meanwhile you can PM me. I'm always available for you.

The discussion on how we organize the new forum is here. Let's see if we can keep the topics separate.

Deletions: Also if you know of any professional post that was deleted you can let us know in the same place. I am the only person here who can hard delete a post and then only for an exceptional reason.

We did soft delete ~half of 24 threads posted by one nice guy. These were one liners like (but not) "Great" or "good technique" "use larger light", Wow!" and the like which only seem to serve bulk advertising (spamming) to get people to the posters website to buy something or other. We spoke to the photographer, a perfectly nice chap and everything is now fine. We do these things in the background or else this place would be buried in diversion and transformed to spam central. We'd appreciate if others did that too where possible. We also deleted one child's picture because it was an "ideal" (for sickos only" boudoir style (but really innocent shot) of a naked child, the sort collected and traded by pedophiles. This is only the 3rd child pictures removed. The other two were swopped out by parents who were grateful when privately informed of their potential misuse.

Please continue this discussion in the new location as that's where it belongs and where this post of mine will likely end up.

However we do not and will not delete any professional post! :)

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Tim Ashley

But a more subtle form of control:

More subtle indeed: it will be interesting whether when we get to see all these facets as a whole, a diamond emerges. It is gratifying to me that all sorts of things that I would not have 'seen' for this theme are cropping up. Thank you for posting!


Tim Ashley

Makes you want to try it out :)

Hardknott Pass, Lake District.


This one speaks strongly to me - I had at one time thought of doing a series of shots where beautiful landscapes were spoiled by inappropriate levels of signage and this is a great example. It's quite absurd really, isn't it?

And you're right - contrary to the apparent intention of the sign makers, it makes you want to floor the throttle!


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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I discovered this fresh prohibition for parking in a "loading zone" that has been cemented up to make way for parking spaces!!!