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Puffins in Golden Light

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
More images from that night in my photo essay Golden Light at Látrabjarg.


These two birds are lined up so well, it's as if you just painted them. They seem even magical!

Puffins are so remarkable that they seem to always have the mouths open at one side as if they are cracking jokes in some standup comedy show. However, they do of course have normal bird beaks and mouth hinged as expected. The side opening is just an illusion! They are so colorful, that if one has only black birds, hawks and sparrows around, one might think these are creations of Pixar or Walt Disney or maybe come from the movie Avatar. Why these birds are so decorated is a mystery but they are beautiful.

Where did you find them? Looks like they were taken at sunset in Tuscany!

I'd love to see more.