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Pyrite Crystals as Inspiration for Public Art

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I owe entirely all my interest in pyrite crystals to Antonio Correia, from Setúbal, Portugal who introduced me to the acid-polluted lakes after mining of this Iron Sulfide mineral.

I have been occupied these past weeks hunting through mineral and rock catalogs and have started to acquire specimens that thrill me with their beauty.

The smaller egg below comes from the Czech Republic and is derived from a meteor some 13 million years ago!


Asher Kelman: “Eggs“

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Thanks Robert,

I am such a reactive enthusiast to a feult. But on occasions I actually do succeed in exploiting new knowledge I get from each of you on OPF.

Honestly, I had never heard of Pyrite before and now I am spending more time searching for crystals than I have ever spent looking at pictures of actors available for studio shoots!

...and that was a huge passion for me! I haven’t said goodbye to photographing models but natures inorganic beauty is hard to ignore once we have seen it’s amazing flashing angles and colors!

I have begun to model the pyrite egg forms to become 12 ft steel works on the approach to a grand plaza I envisage in thesculpture garden I am designing for a commission I hope to secure.


Asher Kelman: Maquotte #P001

This is early stage, done in Solidworks. It will be redone in 3DS MAX to make a 3D version for a presentation video.

But to fabricate it, I will have to continue to model more simply in Solidworks as that is the ONLY route I know to fabrication drawings and files to run 6 Axis CNC to actually create the crystals!

After the very accurate form is made it needs to be transformed from a simplified “cartoon” of a natural rock to having the naturally irregular fissures and random cavities, each revealing a landscape of valleys and hillside of unexpected angles, fused forms and layers that are at once, surprisingly disordered yet seemingly organized by an edict of nature!

In the end, all the irregular edges I will do by hand! I will mark and a steel worker, Chewie my talented metal worker and dear friend will grind or cut for me and then I will Mark again or add back steel where needed and set in crystal formations cut in another workshop.

I will only be satisfied when I have created a worthy sibling that would mineralogist as the most fabulous and genuine pyrite cluster on the planet!

It’s all a dream, until I get it approved which might be in two weeks, a months or never!

....and owes to Antonio for educating me about Pyrite in the first place!

Here’s a large cluster not treated in any way:

View attachment 7720

Asher Kelman: “Golden Boar”
These are so cool, Asher, how big are they? Here, living in mining territory, I've known about pyrite for a very long time. Since we have gold mines here, when we found something that sparkled, as kids, we always thought we had found gold, but then we would find out
it was simply fool's gold. But hey, they were still beautiful. I love that you were inspired to get these. :) Maggie

Antonio Correia

Well-known member
Asher, the flamingos were shot recently and it was a bit towards the entry of the river.
Thank you Maggie for your comment !
Cheers ! :)