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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief


Your amazingly crafted image is so, so wasted on Trump!


Charlotte Thompson: Red Skull, TRUMP”

Trump seems to be a disease of deceit but not a devil person! His skill is manipulation! It’s so simple for him: He merely rides in this wave of evil, so he will gather more money!

So,Dear friend, you might give this, instead, to the 3 evil clans of Trump supporters:

  • The xenophobic “other-haters” that march against “Jews Not Replace Us” hitting both Jews and the Brown and Black peoples they detest!
  • The evangelists championing this ignorant narcissist as he can guide the High Court to expunge rights to abortions and gays.
  • The spineless Republicans who shed all principle to line up behind a person they actually disdain!
Not death!

You see Trump is against wars that would interfere with his main business of money laundering for dictators and the Russian Mafia!

If you give him a murderous skull, then Switzerland is far more deserving for making its money from Germany in World War II!

He is not any “devil” or “death” figure, just unscrupulous. He cares for the evangelists as much as he cares for caged immigrant children or the 5 Innocent Blacks who’s lives he helped ruin.


charlotte thompson

Active member
You are correct in every aspect except one... the art title. The skull represents death and evil in every way possible because the man has no soul so I find him DEAD! SOUL-lESS no thought for life and lives. Children in his cages have died under his watch and now this Epstein friend of his Child sex trafficking business he will surely be found as part of it!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Trump doesn’t frighten me as he is merely a boil on the arse of an athletic USA.

The frightening aspect of the cowardice of the enablers, helping to activate all the rats from their hiding places. These will still be around when Trump is vanquished!