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Riann Nova Dancing

These Images are more about the composition, colors, and capturing the sense of motion. I happen to like these three especially because of the challenge.

LED Lighting (about a decade old versions, Flolight 1024)
Taken with my 3D stereo rig (Left Camera)
f/8 at 1/125th
ISO 1600 Which has way too much noise for my taste in 2D, but interestingly in stereo viewing you do not notice the noise nearly as much.

I gave up trying to sync my strobes with both stereo cameras so it kind of forces continuous lighting in my case a set of 3 LED lights (and if picky the modeling lights off the strobes also present).
The LEDs I have are not bright enough to catch someone moving in the studio without running up the ISO settings and 3D requires a greater depth of field than I would normally like.
All of that imposing a severe limitation. Yes I know her right hand is blurred in one and I cut off her toes in another, but not too much.

Trying to capture someone moving about is always a challenge, especially when you are limited by light. I would not consider these good for art prints, but as examples of color and motion, I don't think they are all that bad.
For some reason I didn't take any of the model with my good camera hooked to the strobes. In fact I had forgotten completely about this series as it was all done with my 3D camera rig, which I can process but not look at right now, due to MS doing an update which crippled my ability to view and edit stereo images for the time being.

Title of the images are Riann Nova Dancing I, II, and III. #III was slightly edited for FB and making it Safe for posting.

Comments are welcome.




Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I love the challenge Tim!

The colors are fine and beautiful. I am a fan of such intricate fabrics.

Whatvis making something “safe”. You don’t need to blur breasts here!


I appreciate very much you sharing these 3 of Riann dancing alone!

I know what it’s like to have a subject posture or lean out of the perfect lighting zone one had labored to create!

I had already resized and edited the third one before I decided to post the other two here and then figured I might as well add the third one. Have to get rid of nipples for FB, because their anti-NSFW image algorithms trigger on nipples. The other two I didn't touch that part of the image, the cloth just covers everything naturally.
As for the toes, handheld camera, so my fault, can't blame the model for that one. Although the light is aimed for the center of the circle on the rug and she was running slightly in front of it, still my bad that she was not entirely in the frame on that shot.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I especially like pictures that include the person, clothing and movement. If you can, when there is time, give me the un-blemished images as we want you best.

But sometimes the original are lost! No worry!