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Sample photo editing using liqify tool

sherief mohamed

New member
Hi every body ,

This is a sample tutorial , for photoshop immatures ..

Many retouchers ( who still learning photoshop wonders what is this liquify tool used for .. and May be they use it like this way ) * that's what i used to do before :)

Like here in this example

Original photo :

Immature playing :


sherief mohamed

New member
But here is the professional edited one :

How to use the liquify tool :

1. Press ctrl + shift + x
2. Select this tool as you can see in the picture below

3. Edit the tool settings :
A : Change the brush size to be full of the area you want to edit ( but not bigger and not smaller )
B : Change the brush density untill you feel it works good may be from 40 to 70 is okay .
C : Start editing the picture


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I like your attempt to be humorous but the size of the nose is a nightmare and disrupts my sanity! So Sherif let's look at the before and after, seen together!

But here is the professional edited one :

Original photo on Left, Professionally retouched version on the right:

You have been very harsh to yourself to start off with what appears to be a wide angle shot taken close up with consequent distortion of the features. Still you have delivered a typical kind of smoothing over effect and again the marble European, supposedly in "Vogue" nose. Thanks for the tutorial. Can we possibly have this same face (or one like it)just from the front and processed minimally with the liquify tool to go only as far as need for pleasantness and not altering the genetics of the individual, LOL! I must admit I have only used this tool once and to change an expression. So it will be great to have more goal-orientated examples for this tutorial thread.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Mod App is always my favorite app and there are many Mod Apps to use for such tasks and I also recommend Mods Apps to all my friends because with Mod App we can easily use the original App.

Please explain what is a mods app? Do you sell it, design it or what