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Scenes from an Italian farm.

Tom dinning






Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

All the pictures speak to me as meeting someone new as none of the framing are anything I would have made.

therefore I appreciate the work!


Tom dinning

‘therefore’ implies correlation and causation for which there is neither.

Are you appreciating MY work, which, I can assure you wasn’t work in the generally accepted sense, or or the product of my work ie, the image.
If it be the latter, in what way are you appreciating it?
Because it isn’t what you would have done?
That you are sick of my images and glad to see I’m doing something new?

Please explain, so I can get a good nights sleep.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I never mean labor, for the images I call “work”, rather it’s the output coming from your intent to frame a scene to the actual achievement of the promise as something real which can be experienced by you and approved or not, then, as in this case shared with us.

I like your work here, as I can look at my own collections of images, but all of them won’t move me as much as work that came from someone else’s “Cathedral of the Mind”. That means that an individuals “inner sanctum of their thoughts“ conspiring to choose a point of view under circumstances that cannot be ever be repeated

...and certainly I could never have imagined as I have a different set of preferences and experiences to draw on.

What your view does for me is challenge my own brain to tease our more “openness to new experience“ and see things in a new way.

Now likely as not, I cannot actually learn how you decided on what and how to take a picture.

Nevertheless, I can recognize that you do things differently enough from what might be fashionable or that gurus teach! So I can always Hope be stimulated by your work to think a little more freely, myself.

I hope my explanation makes sense to you.


Tom dinning

Thanks. Now I’ll sleep better.

I know I’ve certainly learned fro others by looking at their images.
There’s always the risk when we try something we learn incidentally or purposefully that it won’t work for us.
Like we might see some clothing that looks good in the shop or on someone and we rush in to buy it only to discover it just doesn’t fit, and not because it’s the wrong size. It just doesn’t wear well.

I’ve done that many a time. I really like what deka does with his imagery. When I have a go it looks like cat spew on a Persian rug.
It’s because I don’t have his brain. That could be a blessing in more ways that one.

There’s something that leaches into our photographs through the way we act and react as a result of our thinking and feelings.
It might be the recognition of these differences that generates those thoughts when we look at someone’s ‘work’.

I appreciate your response, Ash.

Time to take the bike out for a ride. It’s a balmy 32 C and sunny all the way to the horizon.