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September. 26. Days.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Music MK2
back Streets of Seoul


Hi Charlotte,

I like the music and the color palette of rusty sienna.

I do ha move major issue to you lapsing into very light fawn or plain charcoal grey. The color scheme is part of the longitudinal theme. You can change if you wish for your own esthetics, but to me it's distracting.

Rather if you want or need to schemes, they must be subtly introduced in the beginning. You cannot jump, in most cases, from a "Klingon" to a "squirrel" sensibility or "universe"!

We are strong supporters so there is wiggle room for such strong critique.......I hope and trust!



Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member
I agree with the color scheme you speak of. In a series for a gallery showing I definitely would try for the same scheme however in this ditty September,26.days are long memories of a time in the Fall many years ago in which the color schemes of Autumn are varied. I trust you understand the emotion behind colors which was the intent here. The feeling of a lesser time of quiet and love and fires of late night visits to horse stalls and hay and of little kittens...you know strange warm and wonderful. So thats it.