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Snow day (one only) in the Middle East

Snow in Jerusalem is memorable. A year before I first got here, in 1992, there were several feet of snow in one storm, which paralyzed the city for much of a week. The city still doesn't own a plow, so a 5-6 day storm, which was mostly rain with a vigorous last day of cold and snow can now be added to these legends. This one affected a wide area. For some great news photos, see The Atlantic's review. My favorite is #2, which appeared on the front page of HaAretz. You see pictures from Istanbul, Amman, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and mostly Jerusalem in the collection.

Schools closed for two days, so I sent a scout out to measure the snow depth (max 16 cm) while staying inside and warm:

Unfortunately, these things don't last here. Yesterday it took over an hour to clear paths, etc. Today,