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Soft Walk

Paul Abbott

New member
Nice shot, Maggie. The aspect of the spider and it's legs does offer up the shape of a flower and it's petals too. Nice one...

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Sometimes you are taking a picture and the subject changes to something more interesting!

Soft Walk ©Maggie Terlecki​

A masterful picture and lettering, Maggie. Your work is always both delicate and well done. Where will this go and how large will you print?

Thank you Paul, Asher and Jarmo for your kind words.

Asher, I print my own images as there is no real printer where I live and I am fussy about the colors being right. I print 12 x 18 on 13 x 19 paper and it will be a limited edition print that I will sign and number with a C.o.A. and added to my portfolio which can be viewed at a local gallery. I am the only photographer he carries; mostly everyone else are painters.