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Some random shots I took while at the in-laws house

Jim Olson

Active member
I took these & then went to many different sites to use "sharpen image" & after 5 or 6 sites found one that makes JPGs... All the other sites only download in PNG.
I still have had time to play with the editing programs that I have to sharpen, but this will work for now.

i01_BV6A2506 E10 C10 S10 croped.jpg

i01_BV6A2522 E10 C10 S10 crop.jpg

i01_BV6A2525 E10 C10 S10 crop.jpg

i02_BV6A2543 E11 C8 S8 crop.jpg

i03_BV6A2544 E10 C10 S10 crop.jpg
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Jim Olson

Active member
My wife said I might want to get a shot of the rhododendron because the sun was just starting to hit it this morning.

BV6A2619 E16 C10 S10 crop.jpg