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Swiss Wood - Diptych '16

Paul Abbott

New member
I can't get it any bigger...said the mistress to the Bishop. That's right, i've maxed out on pixel length for this one, which is understandable I guess.

While I was in Switzerland I had a notion of shooting a limited photographic project detailing the stockpiles of seasoning chopped wood the Swiss store up for the winter. You see it everywhere, sometimes it's used to decorate chalets, it's left in fields, it's even left outside storefronts alongside the merchandise on sale and even at public BBQ sites. There's loads of it and all looking quite interesting in the right location...
The thing is, by the time I thought of this idea I only had two more days in Switzerland and time was running out, and so I just couldn't do it any justice at all.
But...I did get a few shots, and a couple are here arranged as a diptych.

I love Diptychs, i've done a few before, they're great fun and done right can be quite engaging.


Swiss Wood - Diptych '16 - Paul Abbott