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The benefits of foresight.

Tom dinning

Italians are noted for their style and so they should be. It would give me nothing but pleasure to wear n Italian suit with fine leather shoes from Florence and a perfectly fitting shirt from The tailors of Rome.
They know how to dress, those italians. They also know how to walk, drink coffee, make wine, cook pasta and, above all, park their cars.

A famous Australian once said:"The best way to see Darwin is from 40 000 ft on your way to Florence."
Never have truer words been spoken.

_DSF6181 by Tom Dinning, on Flickr​

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
Making the car short enough to allow for parking perpendicularly to the street was part of the original specification for that car line. The car is 2.5m long. It is not an Italian car, it was a German-Swiss collaboration. The car is sold in Australia, if you are interested.

Andy brown

Well-known member
Tom, I just had the most brilliant Italian meal in the middle of nowhere, about 10,000kms from Aus and about the same from Italy. Spectacular food, wonderful people (good wine too).

Tom dinning

One does wonder at the duration of this parking venture. Should he return he will fin himself thoroughly parked in.
I could be mistaken as the the gender of the driver. The lid is down after all.

_DSF6709 by Tom Dinning, on Flickr​

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
One must add that the diligance of such skillful parking is passed on from generation to generation by genetics no less.

_DSF6656 by Tom Dinning, on Flickr​

A superb picture! The value of the oblique lines and the yellow is particularly appreciated by me. These resonate with my ideas on yellow signage for marking roadways, giving warnings and condoning of areas!