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The Creation of Sunday

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I use photoshop and Picassa and adobe. I thought I have said that before. Sometimes all 3 sometime just one.
Thank you always ⭐
I thought you just used Picassa! Adobe with layers is superb.

I would love you to take a few cases like this one, which is particularly successful and givexa tutorial! But then your secrets will be out!

I am happy enough that you are able to bring out these mysteries and create moods that fascinate is!


charlotte thompson

Well-known member

Trying to show how I do this would be far more than most could bear.
it took me so many years too learn. Picassa is my favorite, It seems now I can do this overlay with my eyes closed but trust me I think I may have pulled out a lot of my hair along the way but I was driven my some of the best digital artist in overlay work around! I wanted so much to find my voice and by god I finally reached a place I feel proud of...Finally! Thanks once more for your inspiration because you have no idea how wonderful it was for me.