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The Good News After The Natural History of COVID-19 Symptoms and Signs in Man

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This appears to be a very useful guide from the Sun Newspaper in the U.K.

For the 20% or so who are symptomatic, danger lurks:


Now there is extensive work going on throughout the world, collecting the blood of now healthy, virus free recovered adults to make medicine!

The blood is separated to liquid plasma....

...... (and also yielding valuable lifesaving washed red cells, white cells and platelets).

The plasma is either used as is and divided into 3-4 portions, each administered to any severely ill patient struggling from COVID-19.

This is being done both as a measure of “compassionate use” in this dire emergency and part of careful, peer-reviewed large scale inter-institutional research trials.

Doubtless, this will help some, but we don’t know at what stage it’s most effective and the doses needed.

More advanced studies involve purifying the the immune globulins and making super powerful individual doses of know efficacy.

The most sophisticated development is the creation of clones of living cells that will manufacture the most powerful of the antibodies and grow them in vats, like brewing beer!

So all this is quite hopeful and has a great chance of benefiting patients in the next weeks and months as these are all pretty rapid processes.

The Red Cross has been tasked with the simplest job of delivering to hospitals Immune Plasma! The orders have been given and they have the capability, certainly in the USA to get up to speed in a matter of days.

Of course, we need tabs on all patients who recover and the organizational efficiency to test them for lingering viruscand for good antibody levels. Patients with gamma A antibodies are especially effective as they work on the lung mucous membranes and alveolar cells most at risk by the virus!

But now we have a treasure of a resource to harvest. We should wish the Red Cross stamina and help them. If you are a retired lab worker, ask the Red Cross is they need manpower!

I hope you are buoyed as I am by our ability to turn tragedy of a person’s journey of suffering to allowing them each to save several other peoples lives!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The National Institutes of Health, NIH, has approved studies into saving lives with convalescent serums from patients who have recovered COVID-19.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Here is an example of how we can help our fellow man so easily if we are blessed to pull through and get healthy once more.

From the Miami Herald: