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The Green River Overlook was probably too easy....

Tim Rucci

Perhaps this one might be a little more challenging... but who knows?

Where am I?


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Amazingly, I find this stock photo taken about the same time as the boats moored are in the same positions, but this is a different time of day.


Tellin, Estonia

what is the balloon doing?


Tim Rucci

Wow, that's crazy! But it may be explained by the fact that it was taken from a high vantage point above the old town, that is likely a popular spot from
which to take such a photo. What is crazy is the near identical photo. But the shadows confirm that it's not a doctored version of the same image.

Before we arrived there, I did a little research online trying to find a good place to get a look at the town from above, and discovered this place. So after
strolling through the old town for a while, we proceeded to find this spot. When we arrived there, I saw a man sitting on a stool playing a musical instrument
similar to a mandolin, and thought it was interesting. I dropped a couple coins in his instrument case and held up my camera with a questioning look on
my face, seemingly asking his permission to photograph him. He nodded his head 'yes' indicating it was ok with him. So I snapped a photo of him said
'thank you'. A minute or so later he motioned me to approach him, and when I did, he handed me a music CD, and in pretty good English, he said "for you".
I was taken back because I did not understand his generosity. He asked me if I could send him the photo. I gladly agreed and showed it to him, and also
offered to take a better one for him. I proceeded to do it and asked him to write down an email address where I could send the image. Later that afternoon
when we arrived back at the cruise ship, I converted the raw image to a JPG and sent it to him.

It's the people you meet and the experiences you have that make travel so worthwhile, and it's incidents like this that stick in your head and create the

memories that return to you when you think of the places you have visited.