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My World: The Island House Wedding

chi pritchard

New member
The Island House Wedding All the details you might want as a planner!

Ceremony/Reception Venue: The Island House (Islandhouseevents.com)
Invites / Programs: Ramona Midkiff (friend of the family)
Cake: Cakes by Kasarda (cakesbykasarda.com)
Flowers: Wildflowers, Inc (wildflowersinc.com)
Favors: Edmondola Vineyards (bride’s father!)
Dresses: Brides Dress: Bridals by Jodi (bridalsbyjodi.com)
Bridesmaids dresses: Jo-Lins (jolins.com)
Tuxes: Savvi Formalwear (savviformalwear.com)
Shoes: Dillards (Dillards.com… shoes were by Antonio Milani)
Hair & Makeup: Makeup: Elina Mille (bellelina.com)
Hair: Serendipity Salon and Boutique
DJ: John Smith
Ceremony musicians: Classical Charleston (classicalcharleston.com)
Cateror: Buckridge Plantation (buckridge.com)
Officiant: Penny Folden

How you met: According to the best man’s speech, Chris walked up to me in a bar and said “Ay, girl! You vibin me?!”….. true story, but there’s a little more to it than that! We met through mutual friends, he made me laugh, added me on facebook (because isn’t that how it works these days?!)… and the rest is history!

Unforgettable wedding moment: It was SO windy and my veil flew off twice as I was walking down the aisle to Chris. Once they pronounced us husband and wife and we started to walk back down together it flew off again and I just yelled “Ah, screw it!” and kept walking!

Most valuable piece of advice: On the day of the wedding just relax, take it all in, and enjoy yourself. I promised myself that I wouldn’t stress about everything being perfect, get upset if something went wrong, etc. because those weren’t the memories that I wanted to have. No matter what it will be perfect just for the simple fact that you’re marrying your best friend!

Quirkiest detail: Our reception entrance – we’re huge Carolina fans and our wedding was on game day, so we had our wedding party enter to Sandstorm (towels and all) then it faded into 2001 when Chris and I entered.

Thriftiest trick: We did a lot of the “little details” ourselves, but the one that I’m most proud of (and that got the most compliments!) was the cake box. My step-dad built a box out of wood that he already had. Then, my mom and I wrapped it in a table cloth (that coordinated with the cake and our runners) wrapped a ribbon around it, and hot glued a pendant to it. I saw these boxes online for $$$ and I think we spent about $15!

Something old: My grandmother’s handkerchief

Something new: Dress & accessories

Something borrowed: The lace on my garter

Something blue: My garter had a blue flower on it

Wedding details: i.e. type of wedding, number of guests, color and/or theme
It was an evening wedding at a plantation house on the water in the fall. Everything from the location and food to the sweetgrass boutonnieres reflected the theme “southern elegance.” Our colors were chocolate brown and apple green and we had about 150 guests in attendance.
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Here are a few shots from The Island House Wedding on John's Island SC


These are wonderful pictures! They're neither contrived nor staged beyond the actual happenings of the happy day. Less is more in this case! These few show all the joy of the day is what's important .


Note: I separated the description of what it takes to get the wedding working into a separate post. Let the beauty stand on its own.

chi pritchard

New member
Thank you

Thank you as always Doug and Asher. Always appreciate any tips you can pass along as it's a constant learning process. I've taken up a new challenge of newborns in the past few months. I thought weddings would test my patience!!! Thanks again!!