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The Right Light - Colour & Shadow

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief


This picture is superb! It reminds me of a wonderful Elliott Erwitt picture, now available from the Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica California.

Excuse me for the actually adding it to your thread, but they share in common the gesture and intent of forward movement that is electric!


Yours, however, was caught at the right peak moment and for sure, not staged!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I can't see any relation between the two different photos, @Asher can you elaborate?
Of course, Nicolas.

The man in the first picture by Robert is entering the realm or territory of the doorway with a purposeful stride. It’s as if he has power in this gesture.

The vintage image by Erwitt, (probably staged), has the same gesture just exaggerated to the nth! The man actually is so determined to go forward that he flies in the air across the Eiffel Tower in the b.g.

Roberts picture is far, far better as it’s a genuine observation. Erwitt’s Photograph is merely an exaggerated caricature of such a determined gesture of “walking” earnestly!

Still Erwitt is brilliant in having observed that behavior and then orchestrating it as a “Fantasia”.

But it all boils down to the same realization: that this swing of one of the legs forward is symbolic of a “purpose” on one’s mind and a focus on getting there to do it!