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The Rose

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

In reflected ultraviolet light...​

Bravo, Klaus,

A beautiful result with wonderful highlights of silver dust painted by a fine bristle brush of deft angels!

At last, the insect princesses with UV si ul aged vision have a really beautiful flower to admire in lilac! This color becomes ultra-fashionable for women every 15 years or so.

I would love to see roses like this!

Has anyone cultivated such a rose, this color in visible light.

Are there possibilities for further processing this, Klaus, to discover zones of variance of the magenta/purple hue, or this is made from a single monochromatic hue? I was thinking then that the saturation variances could be brought out using some first- or second-derivative function? What PS filter might do that?

When the color is perfectly uniform it departs from biology. What do you think?

Still I love this flower!


Dr Klaus Schmitt

Active member
Thank you Asher! Indeed, a color that is not too oftenb in fashion (I like it...)

Never seen roses like this, but my very first UV shot was a russian rose and it
looked like velvet in UV...

There might be possibilities to process it further, as I might have the RAW version
of this shot, done in color (RGB) using a modified camera (but still not mono).
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