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Time Lapse: Japan Quake Map

Based on Data from USGS, the size of the circle represents the quakes magnitude, color the depth.


The map will start playing through the earthquakes, starting on March 11 2011, once it finishes loading. The controls to the right allow you to play/pause the animation, jump to the start or end of the sequence, or adjust the playback speed. You can also use the links above the map or the "Show Day" dropdown box and links to the right to view quakes from a specific time period.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Thanks for the link! It's wonderful to have data graphed out for us like this. I appreciate knowing just a little bit more of what is happening to the folks. Gradually we are getting information. So slow!

and two more... after 6PM JSt

6.6M, depth: 16km 22/3/2011 18:44
6.4M, depth: 27km 22/3/2011 18:19
4.7M, depth: 54km 22/3/2011 17:33
4.7M, depth: 41km 22/3/2011 16:41
6.6M, depth: 10km 22/3/2011 16:18
6.6M, depth: 27km 22/3/2011 16:18
Feckin Hell...give them a break! :(