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Tips for retouching your photos online !

sherief mohamed

New member
Hi everybody , this was an article that i wrote in a blog of mine , and i want to share it with you

Here we go :


now a days photo retouching service is available on the world of internet , as you can send them your photo its all digital and no need for moving by your self to a photography studio or a store for retouching your photos ,

and here some tips when its the time you need retouching service :

1. there is a very big differences in retouching prices bettwen the websites that provides retouching services so you may find a website provide a retouching service for 40 $ per photo although there is another website that provides the same service with the same quality for just 12 $ , so you have to search for the right website and to be assure for the quality and the pricing issues before ordering or submiting your photo .

2. professional retouchers have enough experience to know what do you exactly what just when you mention it , cause they had many experoences and many persons before asked for the same thing that you want , but also it would be better to be informative and describe exactly what you need , and you may submit a sample for a photo that you need your photo to be
done exactly like .

3. you have to know what exactly do you need in your photo , Don’t be hard but also Don’t be easy taking your rights , some clients ask for non ending requests for same budget that is supossed to be for less retouching levels , so the retoucher already knows that you would want your photo to be retouched and to look like cameron diaz , and he won’t try to provide you any additional work for your photos .. but being kind will drive the retoucher to consider its his own photo .. also dont be tricked and get a low quality service .. and its better to search for a trusted website before starting tryin retouching websites and services .

4. some websites provides additional gifts and versions for free , and thats what most of peoples like to get ( me my self one of them ) , here is some retouching portfolio and samples .

5. most of the website finishes your photo in around 48 hours after ordering and thats the best you can find , and the rest of websites finishes your photo in around 3 to 4 days , there is only one website provides the finished photo in 12 hrs .

6. what to charge : for retouching skin and smoothing face and some color corrections it would be from 6 to 15 $ , and for removing or adding or slimming or any additional work it would be from 15 to 20 $ , for high end retouching would be from 20 to 30 $ .. if you found more than this rates then you shouldn’t order , cause you will pay more for additional ( AIR ) as you can do the same service for the prices i mentioned .

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Thanks for sharing your ideas. You might consider doing some retouching of files folk send in to see how you might handle them. If you do, you might need tough skin as some people can be tough critics. On the other hand you might win some friends.

I don't know if these prices are OK for the US but they seem a bit low for the average we find here in Britain, of course unless it's an outsourced stuff from India. You'll also end with "automatic" smoothing skin. Is that really what you want? You cannot end end up like Cameron Diaz with oversmoothed pictures like I see in some "reputable" Indian websites that claim 1000's customers (I have nothing against indians :) ) but do a very repetitive and automatic job. Some people like this style as well as the "Glitz/Pagean look" and I'm OK with that. But I found out that people are a bit more choosy with their expectations, concerning wedding or modelling photos in particular.

PS: There are some high end retouchers that show these oversmoothed pictures as a standard, sometimes the only thing that changes is the fancy website....