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To Everything, There is a Season...

Chris Calohan

Well-known member


Chris Calohan

Well-known member
Other than the tree in the BG beneath the arch created by the half tree fallen, just the remains of a few houses taken down by Hurricane Michael. I did do a re-edit to see if I could push more of the foreground forward, yet retain the IR look of the processing I used both in-camera and in post. I also did not crop this version to show the whole frame of the image.

CLC_6312 copy3.jpg

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This is very worthwhile investing your further effort as it already has such an attention grabbing and riveting look!

You might try going clockwise in the foreground for your new camera position.

That horizontal feature, perhaps a ? Rock in the left foreground appears to me to be a critical compositional element and below it, at least in this frame, nothing seems to be needed.

Looking forward to iterations!