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Turn GIMP into "Photoshop"

I came across this info today while poking around Linux stuff, but it applies to other OS's as well. This is new, from about a week ago.

I already set this up in macOS Mojave with GIMP 2.10.14 (see screenshot). The Mac version of GIMP runs a bit behind, so not all features work (Save For Web plug-in option at least, but I saved the screenshot from PhotoGIMP as JPEG).

If anybody wants the already prepared application support folder for Mac (you simply replace the existing one), let me know. Or you can do Terminal and invisible file stuff yourself ;-)


Jerome Marot

Well-known member
Thanks. If I understand correctly, this just makes the menus more similar to the ones from Adobe or are there additional changes?
Yes, this is like lipstick on a pig ;-)

Of course GIMP is quite capable but suffers from a difficult default GUI.

There was also GIMPShop, but it now forwards to standard GIMP.
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