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Web Hosting Service For Photographers

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
arwMedia (owned by Rob and Anne Watcher) is a personal attention web host provider established in 2007, with data centers in both the United States and Canada - offering feature rich, reliable hosting solutions for Photographers, Small to Medium Sized Business as well as Personal Users.

Our stable servers are perfect for running any of the popular Flash Website applications, Wordpress Blog Hosting, Image Galleries, E-Commerce or latest HTML5/Ajax websites. All the tools are included for web developers to build theirs sites on this platform.

We want you to have a great web experience, and so do not set limits on the disk space used to store files that are used in the running of your website. We are a small company that prides itself on looking after our friends.

arwMedia.com Web Hosting for Photographers
Unlimited Personal & Business Website Hosting from $6.95/month

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
I would like to extend a Special Offer to all members of the OPF forum - so that you are able to experience the great web hosting service that I provide.

If when you email me, you let me know that you are an OPF MEMBER - you will be able to enjoy my Unlimited Web Hosting for only $3.95 per month for the first year of web hosting.

As always I provide a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what I provide - I do not want that and will do all in my power to rectify the situation - - - and if still you aren't content, I will provide a refund to you.

If you would like to change from your current hosting company - let me know and I will be happy to help you move your website for you - while keeping everything in tact and no down time. Even if a hosting company is the registrar for your domain name, there is generally no issue in having the DNS settings changed to my servers.

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
I have developed a new inexpensive Photo Hosting Service for photographers to upload images for use in sharing on the web and in forum posts. All rights will be yours and linking will be enabled.

To keep costs down, this will not be a fill cpanel webhosting account - - - but will be designed for those who do not wish to maintain a website, but would like to have a place to store web images strictly for the purpose of sharing.

The price for this service is $20.00 USD per year payable by Paypal. Ample disk space of up to 1 GB, will be available for storing those images. That should allow for 1000's of potential web sized images of 100KB to 200KB each *.

I have registered a short domain "arwpic.com" for the purpose of this site. There will be no need to own a domain name. Domain names will be "yourname.arwpic.com".

On the full size page, there is a display that includes
- the straight URL to the image file
- the HTML URL with <img src=''> tag
- the BBCODE URL with tags
Just copy and paste into forums, blog posts etc.

I have a temporary demo site live now, that shows how there will be a login page for privacy - once logged in - a gallery display page that shows all thumbnails - clicking on thumbnails takes you to an enlarged image. Here is a DEMO site - use password "demo" - [url]http://demo.arwpic.com/[/url]

* The service is not designed for the purpose of backing up or storing full resolution files however.

Robert Watcher

Well-known member

Here is a webpage with some useful Online Developer Tools:

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Robert Watcher

Well-known member

Robert Watcher

Well-known member

So proud of you for your enterprise in this great service for photographers.


Thanks Asher. I started my web hosting business, when I built an html based web application for photographers back in 2007 - to compete with all the flash based websites that were common during those years. Those were prime years when every photographer had to have a website. Servers were expense and resources I could offer were few, but I maintained a healthy hosting business that I could provide personalized service to. Over the years most photographers from that era have gone by the wayside - after first giving up on their websites, in favour of blogs and then of Facebook - and in the last few years there are only a fraction of the photographers around from those glory days.

Fortunately for me, I was able to purchase another smaller web hosting company 2 years ago, that has a lot of large companies with established websites, from in around the major cities in Ontario, Canada. This was a boost for me and gave my established hosting business a lot of stability. Financially, photography provides a small amount of my annual income these days. It is my hosting business that allows me to live in Central America for most of the year, and exploit my photography in the cities and communities each day.

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