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What is this, Themes? It's sharing pics with no pain in the Entry Hall of OPF!

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
So these are our two kick off themes! Any form, any level, just show us your trees and street characters, one at a time! Not 4, not 8, just the best ONE of what you might show elsewhere. O.K., you can slip in a second if you have the urge, but please, no more than that in a post. You can still post more elsewhere, deeper in OPF! :) This place is going to be much faster!

This is open to broad interpretation. It just has to be fun, perfect or imperfect but it must be alive with something. This is not for a National Geographic or Pulliutzer prize, it's just for immediate enjoyment. This is why this forum is in the Entry Hall of OPF! Just share pics! This is like a rich warm friendly smile as we enter OPF each day! Immediate pleasure, surprise or even "Wow!"

Very occasionally a unique picture will be re-purposed for comment or critique in OPF or as a basis for discussion or commentary or even an article. If your picture is chosen, then feel proud!

In this thread you can comment on the new forum, but only if you like it. If not PM me! This is an experiment to lower the tension-threshold to sharing images. You have years of pictures sitting there on your computers. Pick your favorites and we'll post according to theme. Otherwise, grab your camera and get the picture for us!

Have fun!

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