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What lives in the "Cuckoo Spit"?

Paul Iddon

We've all seen it on our plants, and the pest that is inside the cuckoo spit is actually a young developing frog-hopper, which sucks the plant sap and distorts the young growth of flowering plants.

It creates a protective bubble wrap, that protects the insect from attack by predators and also stops it from drying out. Although frog-hoppers rarely do much if any damage, they can be unsightly when you lots of these little pockets of spit in your flower beds!

I took some of these using extension tubes as well as just the lens - but I did find that the results were not as clear using 3 tubes as opposed to 2 tubes, or just the lens. This is likely a cause of the drop off in light levels. However, for such a small bug, I was quite pleased with the some of the detail.