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What to do? Travel camera needed.

First off, I’m still alive. That’s great news on this first day of the new year.
Hello to all of the OPF family. My wife and I are going on our 4th visit to the Emerald Isle next summer.
I normally shoot with my Nikon D3 and all of the 3 greatest lenses ever made
but I’m at a place now where I need something smaller, easier to carry, but with
versatility and picture quality that will still not break the bank.

I have been looking at and am very close to ordering the Fujifilm X100F. I’m wondering
if any of you fine folks have experience with this camera and opinions? I need a shove
in one direction or the other. Or whether you might recommend something
totally different instead. I’m all ears and eyes. Thank you in advance.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This exact Fuji X100F has attracted my eye as its already well-proven in many iterations and is designed for what you need: great pocketable pro-class camera with excellent controls, great batteries and fine lens.

The only other camera I would consider costs almost 3x as much and is 42MB instead of 27 with the Fuji and that is the Sony Cybershot RX1R II 42.4-Megapixel, (with the A7RII sensor), and a lens similar to the Fuji.

With today’s ability to enlarge with Gigapixel AI, and have no loss of details, I cannot see any problem in getting 40” wide prints, if need be, that one could peer over at 10” and be blown away using the Fuji X100F!

I have the Fuji MF GFX and my walkaround lens is the 40mm Canon pancake lens that works for me as the Fuji C100F but with twice the pixels. I still want the actual Fuji digicam as it is designed for travel and is a jewel!

Thanks Asher. I ordered today and really look forward
to giving it a whirl. I even bought the brown one
because it has sort of a retro look to it. I’ll let you know
how it goes.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I know it’s a great decision. No one beats Fuji in glass and build. I know you will enjoy this camera. For wide scenes turn to portrait mode and take 5 overlapping images of anything >15 ft away!

For telephoto walk closer or use AI Megapixel, but mostly, you can do almost everything relevant with this focal length as it is!

Good luck and make it your fav for 2019!

I have the camera and it’s a beauty. I will be
going out this weekend blizzard or not. It is
taking some getting used to compared to my D3
such as how small it is in my giant clumsy hands.
I have already decided on getting an L-plate
and grip from Really Right Stuff just to make
handling a little easier on me. I don’t think this will
add too much extra bulk or weight since that was
what I was trying to minimize in the first place.
I have a lot of studying to do. Oh yes. I cannot read the
raw files with my ancient CS4 Photoshop do for
now I’m using their DNG Converter. I’ll figure it all out.