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Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept Wild plants and weeds "invading" actually are regaining their inherent rights!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Wild plants and weeds "invading" actually are regaining their inherent rights!

And what do you find in the alleys and the sides of buildings and freeways? Things get neglected so this is where natural transfer of seeds from the wind or bird poop allows nature to gets a start on reclaiming whatever specs of dirt become accessible.

Look around an see what you can find for us!

Weeds! But as Nicolas points out, they are merely regaining territory we stole.

Asher Kelman Weeds Triumph

Fuji GFX, 32-63mm Fujinon

Your comments and pictures for this subject much appreciated1


Nicolas Claris

Bonjour Asher,
An interesting new thread…
I don't have such images (yet!) but I do have a comment on the thread's title:
Wild plants and weeds invading our constructed areas!
I think you take it the reversed way:
Nature is home anywhere on the planet. With plants and weeds (and animals! this is also true with fishes and other animals living in the sea) and humans of course.
When man does build whatever (in particular with concrete and steel) he steals the place and eventually pollute it.
We're not alone on the planet!
We do (and are wrong!) think that we're more smart, clever, intelligent than the other species, but in fact we're only a part of nature and as such, should act with respect to the other species.
So we have to share the space which is not ours only.

As a title for such threads, I would have preferred a title like:
"Weeds, wild plants regain their rights in the invaded areas constructed by men"
The subject remains the same but the photographer's look might be changed a bit…

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

As always we need a fellow from France to act as our conscience. I corrected my title accordingly!


Nicolas Claris

Glad to help! ; )

Here is a cactus growing in an adversed environment, stone walls and vine yard in South Spain (Costa Blanca):

This was shot in August 2006. Today, the stone wall and vines are still there, but not the cactus, the human intrusion has been too "strong" : (