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WW II bunkers revisited


Active member
I have gone back to Willemstad to shoot some more of those WW II bunkers and the remains of the French garrison which was based there in the 18th century.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Just like the time of olive oil lamps, wax candles and actual analog film, the iconic battlefield, memorials and bunkers of the Great Wars of the last Century Re relegated to stories and settings for movies.


I am glad you take the time to go back and revisit this site. Each such place, is dead now but holds the spirits of countless persons who had their lives altered by these monstrous epic events.


Doug Kerr

Well-known member
Hi, Cem,

Wonderful pix.

I especially enjoy the time warp of the one with a child's slide in front of the bunker doors!


Best regards,