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Youth Speaks Out

Ken Jackson

New member
I like the shot, I have lived in a jungle like this for 30 years on the island of Raiatea. It looks exactly like home.. The only complaint I have is the gray haze that really permeates the entire photo, making it, in my opinion, more somber and menacing. I did a Gimp Level, Curves, and Saturation and played a little with the colors. I will not post it without your permission and will destroy the download and the copy if you so desire. I made it into what I see in my minds eye from my home, I guess that it would be called art in that case, but bein' an old fogey and not really an "artiste", it may only be a hack.

Good work, the photo takes me home, where did you shoot this?

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I like the presence of the different world of the tropical atmosphere. I have no issue with the haze although I'd love to see it wider. It's not close enough to be able to look at the flowers and it's not wide enough to see enough of the whole scene.

Thanks for showing.


Could you share the location, time of day and lens specifics?

janet Smith

pro member
Hi Howard

This works for me in that you have captured the mood of the place, sometimes more important than the technical aspects, I like it, looks like a place I'd like to explore.....
The photo was taken shortly after 5 a.m. in the jungle near Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. 37 mm zoom, f7.1 and 1/125.

With regard to the "haze", I guess everyone has his or her "signature". Although my lens is actually capable of capturing other colors, I've long been partial to mists and fogs with greens lurking in them. To me, it seems to convey a sense of the unknown and infinite not unlike our own positions in the universe. This may be a bit more than you asked for, but there you go <g>.