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From my own special world :0)

Hi everyone! I’m actually not a photographer but a painter. Since I lurk here (learn a lot from you and know some of you), and will evaluate photos from time-to-time, I felt it decent to introduce myself. I'm from California, New York, Tennessee and a few other places in-between. I’m 41, single, pretty, somewhat knowledgeable about the visual arts, and completely devoted to my art.

I dabbled in photography from 2001-2005 and I still read forums because I learn so much about my own art by listening to photographers. Let's see ... I started with bird photography, did a few articles on composition, won a little award, tried large format photography, rediscovered my passion for painting in 2005 and then quit photography. My strengths in photography were image design/composition, and I had the most fun with backlit subjects and tricky natural lighting situations. I never tried digital except for some fun skiing photography and toying with friends' cameras in the field.

I put together a slide show with my best photographs accompanied by my favorite music. It's 8.4MB and about six minutes long. Please send me a private message if you'd like the link!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Geraldine,

You are a wonderful addition to this group.

You here is a help to the OPF goal of seeing photography as an arc from concept/need/impulse/vision throught the lens, processing and to the final delivered print and then reception by a viewer.

It is the latter where the value of photography must be measured and where you can give the most input.

Again, welcome,