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Fun on water

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Concurrent Worlds!

Once again, Cem, you've given us several scenes in one each with it's own reality. The folks on the sail boat boat are important but then that giant mass of block, line and pulley is too. But most poignant is the private world of the girl by herself, and that we can only imagine.

This is a move from your captivating series on portals, as these worlds occur concurrently. Once we're moved to think that, then the line of cars are no longer one item, as each now represents potentially another reality. This is pleasantly disturbing!



Active member
Asher and Tom,

Thanks for stopping by, appreciated.

Asher the n-chotomies (is that even a word?) you refer to are not a departure from my portals. They are actually a subset of it. The portals visualise the infinite possibilities and the paths taken vs the paths never travelled. And the n-chotomies display the coming together of various paths within one moment. That is why I am drawn to them.

@Tom, I will show the pulley's origin in another picture.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
ART and postcard!


It's so easy to like the first picture. The elements re positioned sop well in territories they govern and yet the whole works as a unity that anything changed would break it up.

The block and tackle in the foreground is so impressive and that's the departure point for traveling to the folk on the sail boat in the distance, not the girl on the right, she's in a sacred place one doesn't so easily leave.

This is a work that cannot be confused as happenstance snapping as it's decisive, crafted with considerable skill and intellectual resources that works on our sense of beauty but then our feelings of community and empathy too. So this, to me is not a mere memento, not just hobbyist art but ART, worthy of saving and spending money to own. I'm not only impressed but proud to see this work and would love more of these clever "zones of community beings".
Still, I have been puzzled by that block. Why is it so important? Is it because it's an archetypical ancient machine that looks like it was from some 3,000 year old Phoenicean port. Somehow it looks timeless and so naturally impressive and fundamental to us. (Interestingly, I have been looking for one just like that for one of my model shoots, but I didn't know why, LOL!)

As promised, here is the provenance of the pulley.

This is so helpful and confirms everything I wrote above about the construction and value of the first picture. By contrast, this picture is merely a delight, nicely made but there's no need to save it for others to see. I would not talk about this second picture although it's a good image. Now why doesn't the pensive pose of the man evoke empathy in our breasts? Well, for one, the lone figure is hardly obvious compared to the over dominant, inescapable massive steel girder over the water providing a window to the sailboat in the b.g.

This pair of images is one of the best and rare demonstrations of well designed ART versus a happy nice well composed picture. The former uses so much more of the library of our sense of balance, knowledge, feelings, logic and esthetics and engraves these forces, influences and choices into something unique that's worth saving. The latter just has to have some sense of immediate joy, interest or beauty.

Thanks for these two pictures. i have learned a lot!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Besides Cem, LOL

So who would consider Cem's first picture differently? How do you experience it? Then take a look at this thread.