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iBook G4 as a Monitor for EOS 1D??

Lucio Gomes

New member
Hi everyone,

I've been looking for ways to use the screen on my iBook as a monitor for
my 1D MkIIn. I'm photographing guitars for a friend and need a bigger
LCD to check for reflections on the instruments.
I tried connecting the camera to a portable DVD player, but it had a widescreen
and the images appeared "stretched" with horizontal shots and compressed
with vertical shots. A normal TV needs AC power and it's too big, so that's not
an option.
Is there anything available that I can use to connect the camera to and then
go into the laptop via USB?? Anyone using an external LCD with their cameras?

thanks for the help


Jonathan Hutt

New member
If you install EOS Utility (with the disk that came with the camera or on Canon's website) you can actually shoot tethered. You connect the camera to the laptop with a USB cable and the images come up on the screen as you shoot. You can even control the camera (aperture, shutter speed, EC, iso, etc) right from the computer and fire the shutter with spacebar.

I shoot all my architecture and product like that.

Lucio Gomes

New member
Thanks for the reply, Jonathan.

I can't get anything to work, and keep getting the "no camera was found" window.
I can't open EOS Capture either.
Any ideas??
I'm using an iBook G4 with OS 10.4.10