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My first MAC

After 28 Years computing I get my frist MAC <grins>. It is not the hottest and latest model, but I was happy with the offer.

It is a G5 DP 2.5Ghz with 6 Gig Ram which is nice for my needs. The beast should be here in August.

Guess what, I already have a question. <grins> Those of you who have the exact same maschine, I observed that the Fan of the Mac appears to increase spinning when starting applications, or even when moving the mouse over that fancy applications bar on the bottom. Is that normal fan behaviour or should I be worried? I know it is liquid cooled, but this fan behaviour was clearly audible.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I'm sorry you didn't let me know! I might have sold you mine LOL!

Then I could get the new Intel tower with 8 engines!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Georg,

The G5 is always measuring temperatures and if it imagines something is getting hot, it just goes full blast! I eventually just removd the aluminum cover to display the beautiful plastic door. The fan is less active and it seems that the machine can get rid of the heat easier.

I actually think the G5 has a mind of it's own and there should be a funnel on the side to pour in Guiness or Newcastle Brown Ale to calm it down. It works for me!

Configuring Harddrives

I am wondering about two more things. Firstly the Harddrives, only two SATA fit internally. The Maxtor drives build in are not the best performers, so I was wondering to put in two WD 500 Gig with 16 MB cache, will that be possible?

How can I add more SATA drives externally? Is there something like a drive bay that can be connected and could hold WD Raptors?

Secondly the Graficcard. It comes with a ATI Radeon 9600XT which is a bit of an underperformer. The slot is AGP8x. What card would be compatible to add two 30" screens to that Power Mac?

Thanks in advance!


Marian Howell

New member
welcome to macland georg!
below is the link to a site which is great for exploring your questions...
many good pages of info between their guides and the forums, plus the store if interested. i have a machine similar to yours, and have added an external sata drive bay with hot swap drives for my backups. pretty simple but serves my current needs.

Michael Fontana

pro member

I' ve the Jive from sonett, for additional drives, in the Quad. Makes a bit more heat, though.
Works fine, having 4 discs:

- a mirrored RAID for all my data
- a Raptor, for the OS, only
- a dedicates scratch disc, for PS, APP and LZ.
Hey Folks,

thanks for all your replies, the situation changed today, I am not going to buy this maschine at this point in time for a couple of reasons.

One main reason is that I think it is a bad deal to buy a used maschine with no come back and warranty running out in october, the other being that I much prefer to buy into more up to date technology, so I rather wait until I can afford to pick up one more recent MAC.

While I was looking forward to it, in hindsight, I think it is the right decision, last not least, there are a great deal of restrictions on that system that limit it for my needs.

Now, where is that Lotto win.... <smile>