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Scary and Bold

Jarmo Juntunen

Active member
These two are siblings that have ruled our household for more than a year now. They are rescue cats, found in a forest and spent their first months without any human contact. Their personalities are very much different, even if they come from the same litter.

Mini is very scary and suspicious:

Maksi is constantly plotting a coup against the human population of the house:

Thank you for viewing!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
My favorite in Mini. That shot is also the simplest and dramatic!

Amazing that they manage without needing to hunt rodents!

Did they hunt in the Forrest as a pair, or with their mother?


Jarmo Juntunen

Active member
Thank you Peter and Asher! We got these two from a shelter when they were six months old. They had been trapped and delivered to a shelter so we only know very little of their early kitten roaming months! They were lucky to survive, many cats don`t in our climate. Wild cats are OK during the warm summer time but cold winter months are lethal to cats that do not have access to indoors. We have a glazed balcony where they like to spend time. Now, already 3 or 4 unlucky little birds have found their way to the balcony. I`m sure you can imagine the rest.