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Sony Rumors- 50 MP full frame 35 mm mirrorless A9 camera

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I thought that the 50MP CMOS sensor enjoyed so much by Pentax, Hasselblad, Phase One and Leaf cameras this year, would also be delivered in a Sony-badged MF camera within months. I was mistaken!

Now it seems that such a CMOS sensor of 50MP is going to be housed in an entirely new a pro-version FE mount body, a step up from the A7 series, (of the A7, A7R, A7S and A7II).

Likely as not, it would be a reasonable hope that the new pro body will have at least the features of the A7RII with 5 axis image stabilization and fast AF and tracking. This camera, then would be able to use the existing limited lens selection with AF, but one would also expect that Sony would be getting ready to deliver pro series 300mm and 400 mm lenses.

For my own use, the current 70-200 f 4.0 OSS lens and all the wide angle lenses with adapters for vintage gems, could steer me away from a Pentax 645Z that I've been long considering.

Sony might really make a dent into the studio, wedding and architecture realms of professional photography. It seems that sports is still years away for these mirrorless cameras.

I'd guess that the price of such a camera would be about $3,000 or so. They seem to just want to get their cameras out and later we'll pay with their lenses!

One key factor for studio use is the flash synch speed. So far, on the A7R it's 1/160 sec and that is below what we'd like.

But to get where they'll be in 5 years time, Sony needs to get it's full frame sensor ideas tested in the larger market and they are doing this with the plethora of age-limited cameras.

Although I use the Sony A7R for most of my studio work and the GR and GXR for street work, I still go to the Canon for anyone else's pictures, as they are more proven and agile for fast focus and tracking in difficult light.