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  1. Robert Watcher

    Animals Close up (not macro)

    Olympus 75-300mm lens
  2. Martin Ludwig

    My wildlife encounters over the years

    Hey there, since I don't want to spam this Forum with hundreds of new threads, I'd like to show some of my encounters in one threat that goes on and on. I hope it's ok if I do so and I'm always looking to get honest reviews. 😅 I'd like to start with some shots I took up in New Hampshire...
  3. D

    A trip to the ZOO!

  4. James Lemon

    Farmers Market In Canada

  5. P

    Pigging Out

    A glutton downing the bananas I put out for the birds.
  6. Tom dinning

    Wildlife photo awards

  7. D

    recent photos

    Marin County California, 04 October Sacramento County, 10 October
  8. Tom dinning

    Zoo visit

    I’m ambivolent about zoos. But they do provide an opportunity for a young woman to experience beyond daily activities. Kelsy fell in love. That’s enough for my biases to shift to the right momentarily.
  9. D

    Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area birds

    Yolo Bypass wildlife area, a few days ago all: a7rIII, 100-400 GM
  10. J

    Better horse photos shot in the late afternoon sun

    Hi: I shot these yesterday for a client. John