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antonio correia

  1. Antonio Correia

    May 2013 - book editor

  2. Antonio Correia

    Ladakh | India - 2013

    Digging, digging...
  3. Antonio Correia

    Mountain and sea

  4. Antonio Correia

    Red and blue

  5. Antonio Correia

    Nick Brandt work

    A visit should be done if you can, of course. Or buy the superb book "The Day May Break" by Nick Brandt. Anyway, have a look at the site, to the images and read the essays ! I am buying the book through a German online shop. How could I miss this work ?
  6. Antonio Correia

    Years of service

  7. Antonio Correia

    Into the arms of Morpheus

    From a couple of them ! ;)
  8. Antonio Correia

    At the barber shop

  9. Antonio Correia

    At the market

    This is one of the photo I will be including in a larger collection representing the travel to India in 2016. The collection will be varied and through it we will be able to get a perception of the India we have been to for a couple of days. Most probably I will have a book made in Blurb to...
  10. Antonio Correia

    Fishing rod

    Fishing rod on the frontier India - Bangladesh, back in February 2016 Slowly, I am working on a collection of some travels we made to India. I hate this C virus and it's multiples variants !
  11. Antonio Correia


    Painting exhibition on the second floor by Acácio Cainete
  12. Antonio Correia

    Smoke outside please !

  13. Antonio Correia

    Portrait in Chichicastenango - Guatemala

  14. Antonio Correia

    The tool

    This photo was made a long time ago but I always liked it. The light was coming through a piece of glass on the roof of this warehouse.
  15. Antonio Correia

    Burma 2018 - some photographs

    When I travel I never tag the photos and I am so lazy that I hardly remember all the places we have been to. Shame on me. However, in my next travel I think I will be able to geotag all photographs using the phone and the camera. Then I will be (will I ?) be able to make a route of the way and...
  16. Antonio Correia

    Iron sculpture

    Iron sculpture in Setúbal, Portugal. A too empty roundabout, I think but I like this work
  17. Antonio Correia

    Small park

    Here, two simple shots of this morning walk. Simple pictures...
  18. Antonio Correia


  19. Antonio Correia

    Colour - Blue

    To begin with, the blue colour. Post yours please Thank you ! :)
  20. Antonio Correia

    Freedom Seekers